tralha motivacional I

Could there be modern life without stress? I don’t think so. Specially when one belongs to that unlucky generation that got out of college just in time of a world financial crisis and in a mismanaged and broke country. Still, people push it. Hence, today (although I woke up little less than two hours ago) I made four decisions to cool it off a bit.

First: There is a reason why days have 24h – so you can divide them into three little perfect fractions of 8h. 8h to sleep, 8h to work and 8h to mind your own stuff. Of course the “free” 8h have to be debited with stuff such has daily commutes, grocery shopping, laundry, etc., which leaves you around 6-5h. But it’s plenty of time to help yourself with nice quality time – if you manage. That’s what I decided to do: engage the well-known 8h rule and make the best of it.
Traffic is one of the best ways to waste your free 8h hours. A nice way to make the best of them, for me personally, is going to the beach, which requires daylight and, preferably but not necessarily, warmth. Which leads me to…

Second: I’ll keep on getting up early. Mornings are a reality not so hard to face. It’s only a matter of having slept it all during the night. Daytime is my time for doing stuff and the earlier I get to it, the more efficient I feel. Example: if I get up at 6, I’ll be working at 7.30 and I’ll go home at 16h arrive at 16.30. If I get up at 7.30, I never get to work before 9.30-10 because of the traffic which means I won’t leave before 18h and won’t get home before 19h.

Third: Unless I’m actually late for something (which rarely happens), I’ll drive more calmly. The faster I drive, the more I change lanes and stuff, the more tense I get. If I exceed the 4000rpm it means that I’m committing fuel (=scarce money), my own energy and even safety to a hurry I’m not really in. And even if I were: in short trips, speed is not such a big time saver.

Fourth: My free quality time will consist of whatever the heck I feel like. Exciting activities don’t have to be it. I enjoy reading away a Saturday afternoon, having lazy long Sunday breakfasts at the terrace, going blank in front of a football match on TV, having my friends over for dinner and having to much for a drink as much as I enjoy attending the latest art exhibitions, doing sporty things and making weekend road-trips to meet new places. And I feel great about it!

More to come, I hope.


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