things you might hear a northern european saying to a portuguese

Coisas que poderás ouvir ou ter ouvido de um europeu do norte.

  1. What do you mean by other types of xorizo?
  2. Hola chica!
  3. Stop whining about not having a bidet!
  4. Stop whining about the coffee!
  5. It’s just snow…
  6. I never expected you of all people to be on time!
  7. Let me guess, you had fish.
  8. Ah I thought you had dinner at 10.
  9. Yeah, it must be hard for you to not sleep after lunch…
  10. Wow, you’re English is actually good!
  11. Ah you’re Portuguese? My cellphone got stolen in Lisbon.
  12. Ah you’re Portuguese? Buenos dias!
  13. Don’t take this personally but I don’t really like Cristiano Ronaldo.
  14. Yeah, but we wouldn’t be in a crisis if it wasn’t for..aham!aham!!
  15. Yeah, but that’s because you’re all lazy.
  16. What, you started the discoveries before the rest of Europe?
  17. What, a bunch of guys jumping on the bull and holding on to it?
  18. What, you didn’t have WWII?
  19. I’m pretty sure that word exists in other languages…
  20. I can speak Portuguese too! shshshshshhsh

2 thoughts on “things you might hear a northern european saying to a portuguese

  1. Some contributions from Ireland via Facebook:
    Adding to the list: “Ah, you’re Portuguese!Were is Maddie?”, “I’ve been to Portugal too, in the Algarve!” “You are so lucky going to Portugal for Christmas, must be really hot there now!”, “It must be great living in Portugal: with all that sun people must sit out and drink all day!”
    by Anabela

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