new year’s resolutions

I’ve been thinking for a while about resolutions for 2012. But I suck at resolving… Moreover, I suck at executing, which makes it even more depressing and discouraging. So, last year I even decided that I wouldn’t make new year’s resolutions at all and just go with the flow and do my best. It turned out quite ok… I took care of myself (did more exercise, did therapy for my back problems…) and reached some long standing milestones like buying a car and setting foot on Africa. Plus I worked a lot!

But now, while we’re at it, I think I came up with some things that I might actually commit to doing.

  • Improve my Dutch.
  • Gradually start replacing the products I use (at least half of them) with ones which weren’t animal tested.
  • Stop buying pre-made food (doughs, lasagna, sauces, cakes) and just make them myself.
  • Take a holliday to somewhere that I’ve been wanting to go to for years, like Provence or some resort by a turquoise sea in the tropics.
  • Daily note down on a list something that I like.
  • Exercise my tummy untill it looks nice.

This is it. I’ll get back to it within a year.


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