(some) women explained (in het Nederlands)

The Dutch language has three delightful expressions to name moods and attitudes which perfectly classify the four main stages of a woman’s 28 days-cycles. Het stresskonijn (the stressed rabbit), de koele kikker (the cool frog) and poeslief (soft kitty-ness).

If we’re lucky, we are set on a cycle of regular e predictable mood changes. Then, just a bit of self-insight can easily explain why the hell are all men so damn attractive today/am I wanting to kill myself over a broken lipstick/all problems are feeling relatively minor and let’s just chill out. If we’re not lucky, we’re an unpredictable carousel.

The following diagram illustrates the first case, the lucky ones. Please do use it as a guideline if you suspect you are or closely deal with a woman of the first group.


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