Belgium A to Z – N and O

N – North Sea

The North Sea is what Belgians see at their coastline. It’s still and gray, foamy and kind of warm, like a puddle of waste water. I’ve traveled all the way there once or twice out of pure desperation, but it only makes me miss my blue and temperamental Atlantic even more.

(It’s almost middle of May. It’s beach absence resentment time.)


Oud-Heverlee Leuven is the local football club. One year ago I watched from my window the fireworks of the ascension to the first league. I decided I would try to follow this year’s championship and kept track of the scores online and by the roar of the goals. Then the play-offs started and I got lost.

The Jupiler League has the weirdest logic. After accumulating points along a championship, the teams are split and play against each other within their groups to decide who goes to the european competitions. This last phase eludes my comprehension (and patience). I bet it’s thrilling, but it’s also way too complicated. As a football fan, I can’t be expected to work out more than 30 seconds of maths to know where my team stands. If I wanted to use my brain, I would have gone for another sport.

Anyway, the season at the main stage didn’t work out so brilliantly for OHL, but at least they remain in the first league next years. …I think!

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