Belgian A to Z – P

P – Postcards

This is postcard kingdom. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, is reason for a postcard! In a year in Belgium you find yourself receiving dozens of postcards of all sizes, colours and kinds. Generally, you are expected to postcard the sender back. Plus, storage or trash are not suitable for postcards, those resilient little things which are displayed on offices and homes for months and even years…

If you’re new to Belgium, this might be useful for you. Let’s review just a few of the occasions when you should expect to receive or might be expected to send a postcard in Belgium:

  • birthday = postcard
  • graduated = postcard
  • moved = announce new address with postcard
  • new job = postcard
  • going to a wedding = postcard
  • birth = parents send out personalized postcards announcing the baby and everybody replies with a retail postcard congratulating the family
  • retiring = postcard
  • funeral = postcard with condolences and personalized postcard acknowledging the condolences, sometimes with sad-looking photo of the deceased person which gives people a creepy feeling

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