Belgium A to Z – Q

Q – Quizzes

Quizzes and such sort of collective games are very popular here. Almost any social gathering is a good excuse to play something and people really seem to enjoy it. I like it! But I’ve seen that this might seem uncommon to foreigners, who glance suspiciously at the huge stack of board games in the corners of pubs or feel shocked when their lazy post-eating moment in a barbecue is interrupted by a summoning to play or grin awkwardly when a quiz or musical chairs starts in the middle of a wedding party.

Playing kubb after a barbecue on campus.

Today, I read on Nature something about people being able to better solve problems and perform demanding tasks when, during breaks, they keep their brain busy while allowing it to wander away from what preoccupies them. This ability/practice is even argued by these scientists to be an evolutionary advantage. Work and off-work are within the worker and all the processes can be mixed in our restless brains and those two sides of life end up defining each other’s quality. Thus, in fact, when Belgians distract themselves from work with such leisurely things that demand attention and energy, rather than dozing off in front of the TV or lying in the sun, they’re enhancing their enviable productivity. Who knows the implications of this?  …. Maybe games are a pillar of this country’s economy!

I still think it has something to do with scouts!


2 thoughts on “Belgium A to Z – Q

  1. Its the same in England. Perhaps it is a north European thing? Now we know how to change the Portuguese economic scene..

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