Belgium A to Z – T

T – Triggerfinger

Triggerfinger is an excuse because I simply had to write about all the great music Belgians make! Many worldwide known bands and singers are Belgian, from the oldies Vaya con Dios to the recent hype of Gotye. Although I didn’t know it, I’ve been listening to belgian music since ever and probably so do you.

The first contact was with Jacques Brel, whose songs I came to love after many years of being tortured by my mothers cassettes. Brel took me from twisting in agony for not standing him to twisting in agony with all the sadness with one of his live versions of Ne me quites pas. My older brother really digged Vaya con Dios (and also Karate and brainless action movies, so don’t make assumptions, he!), so I listened to it too. Then later I started to sing along with K’s Choice and bashing in those melancholic oh so special feelings! Then I had an indie phase and was into Zita Swoon, Hooverphonic and dEUS. Banana Queen and Instant Street have been in my top favorite songs for years now!


This recent troubled love story with Leuven has been featuring belgian musicians all the time. Most of the new findings are great surprises! Absynthe Minded, Sleah Sue, Arsenal, Intergalactic Lovers, Buscemi… or Triggerfinger, indeed. And it’s good to see that Belgians love and value their music scene as well! For example, Leuven hosts a a free music festival with Belgian bands only. And Studio Brussel (THE coolest radio) plays national a lot and this weeks top even featured a bunch of Leuvense bands!


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