exterme conservation

Yesterday I learned something about the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

Don’t pee your pants with excitement yet!

This buffer area was created to prevent the two Koreas from slapping each other all the time, almost like grounding two fighting kids in separate rooms. Lot’s of weird things happen there (e.g. the pooping Russian incident), which is not at all unusual in such a place where the tension of History still endures in the present and guns are ready in case it sparks.

Photo by Choi Byung Kwan via CNN

Thanks to this human-hostile environment the KDZ became the host of a rich forest ecosystem where animals and plants happily live far from the menace of the chainsaw. This biodiversity haven was allowed to thrive because, with all the land mines and other threats, people keep out of it. Of course this excludes some of the possible ecosystem services this forest can provide (it’s hardly a recreational area, and humans can’t go there to harvest stuff). But all the other services which directly exclude the human factor must be swell!

Extreme situations require extreme measures. Forest conservationists – think about it.


One thought on “exterme conservation

  1. Other ‘fine’ examples of such ‘conserved’ ecosystems can be found in Laos and Cambodia (UXO in forest) or Chernobyl and the Bikini Atol (radiation).

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