the packing list for not so exciting trips

Some may call me a lazy tourist. I prefer the term comfortable. My proficiency in comfortable trips has included a range of experiences from fancy bucolic B&Bs in France to sleeping in the floor of night trains in Eastern Europe (or, even worse, cheap London hotels), as well as a range of mobility options, from the kayak to the car (my own or the kind stranger’s who accepted to take me to the next town).

All over the web there are packing lists for the roughed traveler and its dream trips like hiking in the tropical rain forest or crossing Australia carrying only a daypack. All of this seems very exciting and it sure demands careful luggage planning. But how about the quiet not too energetic tourist who just likes to stroll around in relative independence the least beaten tracks in easy civilization-confined places? Doesn’t the non-badass-Livingstone character deserve a careful and efficient packing list as well???

Say it with me: WE DO!

Weekends to months as a tourist, who isn’t really fond of peril and requires a shower at least every two days, have taught me to never leave the nest without some less obvious things.

      • A pocket knife – not Rambo at all, it’s just plain useful.
      • A reliable dry bag – because things get wet and you would like to preserve your passport, electronic stuff and a pair of socks and panties.
      • A digital camera which is small and light enough and still won’t let me down. I’ve done the journey back from the DSLR and must say it’s liberating. (I have such a babe, but I’d gladly change it for something smaller.)
      • My most comfortable shoes.
      • Plastic flip-flops – because I can’t wear my shoes everywhere and won’t walk barefoot anywhere.
      • Paracetamol.
      • An umbrella or a plastic poncho.
      • Otherwise, a wind stopper and something to cover my head with. I learned this the hard freezing way on a summer day.
      • A bathing suit, because there are only few things more frustrating than not taking an unexpected opportunity to swim in a beautiful lake or beach. Also if it’s pouring or you’re kayaking, it’s easier to dry your own skin than damp clothes.

Kayaking in the rain with a bikini AND a plastic poncho. I must say I’m kinda famous for this.

      • A roll of toilet paper and a small pack of baby wipes.
      • An health insurance card.
      • A compact yet warm sleeping bag. Really, you never know what you might need to keep away from your skin while you sleep (learned it in cheap London hotels).

What would you add?


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