Belgium A to Z – Y

Y – Yikes! / Yay!

Yikes: — interj Informal an expression of surprise, fear, or alarm. (source)

Yay: — interj informal  an exclamation indicating approval, congratulation, or triumph. (source)

This post is a top 5 and bottom 5 of stuff in Belgium. It’s a compilation of the worst thing I had to face and the most pleasant surprises this country has presented me so far.

Top 5 Yikes!:

5 – The dogs are too polite. I miss my dogs so much I always try to hijack people’s dogs in the streets and in the parks to play a bit. But they ignore me and stay coolly with their owners. ‘Cause being cheerful and friendly with strangers is too mainstream.

4 – Almost everywhere you go, it kind of smells like either sewers, garbage, truck exhaust or brewers’ yeast.

3 – The growing popularity of Flemish nationalist parties, because they make me feel unwelcome. A polarized society leaves little room for integration. But I guess that’s their point.

2 – The disappointing seaside.

1 – All this rain all year round. It really REALLY sucks.

…but Yay!!

5 – Bicycles! I’ve mentioned that before.

4 – Belgium is a healthy half way between the stereotype of the perfectly oiled machine of Northern Europe and the southern Banana Republics. Things are organized and I feel I can rely on them. But all their flaws dissipate the feeling of being a bum in the Country Club.

3 – All this green. (Yes, I know it depends on the rain I complain about.) There’s bright green trees everywhere in the springtime and summer. And then they turn to brown, yellow and red and it’s even more beautiful!

2 – When it snows.

1 – Lame but: The very nice people I’ve been having the pleasure to get to know!


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