soap and balm

I watch Grey’s Anatomy.

It feels kind of embarrassing putting it out there.

Wait: if you are about to respect me less, you should know that I got the pun in the title right on the first time.

Indeed, most people lost interest after the 5th season, except for single women with cats, lonely gay guys, 16 year old girls and people who like the hospital thing but thought ER was too heavy and Scrubs too silly. As I don’t fit either of these categories, I started to feel a bit self conscious about being in the fandom. Therefore, I analyzed. And I came up with four simple reasons for which I watch Grey’s Anatomy:

  • It’s cathartic: I both laugh and sob in every episode.
  • It switches my brain off from life and puts it in a weekly 40minute fictional reality with those nice, complex, pretty people with such interesting lives who never cease to surprise me. When they do, the screenplay kills them off the show or there’s a breakup and they move to another state. And I undergo this sort of mourn for 5 minutes after the credits and then forget about it.

If Arizona dies in season 9, though, I’ll mourn a bit more. (ABC, via)

  • It’s the perfect PMS companion: sofa, chocolate and Grey’s Anatomy. What more can a pair of desolated ovaries ask for?
  • All of this gets me going all girly, which, since my mom traumatized me with tom boy accusations when I was in my early teens, can never happen enough.

To be honest, not only I watch it as I also re-watch it. I missed the first 3 or 4 seasons so after the last season’s finale cliff hanger, I decided to watch the whole 8 series in a row. Through this series marathon I came to realize that the series creator(s) are geniuses. They developed a formula with several elements which repeats itself in almost every episode:

humor + sexy good looking people + romance + suspense + medicine + strong and transversal topics such as loss, grief, relief, love, solitude

(series stills borrowed from here – thank you!)

This formula is nicely spread along a simple storyline which revolves around a more or less consistent set of really well build characters. All along, there’s a well curated soundtrack playing. The collective sobbing over Denny’s death was partly Snow Patrol’s doing. The end of season 7 wouldn’t have been such a heartbreak if it weren’t for The Quiet Kind’s “In front of you“. Callie and Arizona’s baby breakup was even more angsty because of Andrew Belle. (Yeah, I really dig the soundtrack. I guess it’s a fifth reason.)

So, yeah, a primitive soap opera design with a good tune is holding me hostage of my estrogen. But it’s repetitive and soothing, like nice routines. Hence, I’m shamelessly waiting for the 27th.


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