not too shabby

Just to elaborate on the last paragraph of my previous blog post:

My 3.5 year old niece is a big fan of Minnie Mouse. There’s a tear in my eye loaded with pride when I say this. Our family is loyal to Disney, Lucas and Spielberg and I’d like to believe the new generation will carry on the devotion to Lion King, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Besides, the alternative to Minnie is typically Hello Kitty, which I consider an empty inexpressive poor excuse of a cartoon.

She also loves Shaun the Sheep… and Depeche Mode. She has been caught fangirling Dave Gahan by striping her shirt off in the same fashion she’s seen him doing repeatedly in some concert DVD. And then she threw it at some imaginary crowd, put on her pajamas and hopped into bed.

It’s not Sailor Moon or Dave the Barbarian… nor such phenomena will ever grace our television again. But Shaun the Sheep is not shabby at all!


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