the pillow hugging collection

I checked the statistics: in 2011, 758 rated movies were released in the USA. I’d estimate that, of those, 100 are worth watching and, of those, I watch 15. Every 2 or 3 years I fall in love with one of those 15 and add it to the collection of movies I watch on depressive couchpotato-ing moments or hot chocolate weather afternoons. They’re not even the best I consider to have seen so far, but rather the grounds I find myself most likely in “hug the pillow” moments. It’s a set of carefully selected films which warm up my heart and mood in some way, even if I sob like a little girl in the process.

Actually, I was a little girl when this collection started, with Star Wars and Dirty Dancing. Some are fleeting, like Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, Disney’s version of Robin Hood and a short-lived but intense obsession with the nature thriller Twister (*embarrassing*). Others endure year after year and keep being brought up, such as Lion King and The Sound of Music. The former actually kept me company on my last birthday, which I spent on my sofa healing a nasty cold, and I still laughed to tears with Timon’s hula!Then there’s Sense and Sensibility… I’m not quite sure why… Hugh Grant’s in it for cryin’ out loud… but there’s something about a quietly romantic Alan Rickman and, oooh, Emma Thompson saying the word “love”.

The last addition to the collection was sort of unexpected: just because I love a movie doesn’t mean I’ll ever pull it out “watched it once pile of oblivion”. But I adore the portrait of normalcy of The Kids are Alright and it doesn’t fail to me smile on a heart aching lonely day. Still not sure how Bening missed the Oscar with this one. I declare!

Which movies do you hug your pillow with?


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