stop gaying stuff up

The thing that disturbs me about homosexuality is that people make it sound so remarkable. Not in the good or in the bad sense, just the one that people have to make remarks about it. Being gay seems to be a noteworthy issue. Having a gay child/friend/colleague/(…) seems to be a noteworthy issue. I don’t want to notice homosexuality. It should just let be, as private and compelling as any other healthy sexuality, particular and yet familiar like any other sort of romantic love.

There are all these stereotypes surrounding gay people and vocabulary and supposedly mannerisms meant to classify and separate gay from non-gay, to make them remarkable. (Remarkably insidious, remarkably promiscuous, remarkably well-cultured and fashionable…)

Funny thing is: no one ever managed to prove that heterosexuality is the norm. (Yeah, check the literature.) And still there’s such a fuss about its exception.

“Gay” even seems to be an appropriate word to describe something which has an entire set of qualities which do not necessarily include loving people of the same sex. Like:

ImageOk, I concede that etymologically, this cartoon makes perfect sense. However, effectively, this picture insinuates that because the Christmas tree has ornaments it fancies intercourse with trees of the same sex. (I know spruces are monoecious – actually, I had to ask a colleague to be sure -, I’m just making a point.) Apparently, there are so many gayness markers that it seems legitimate to gay up almost anything.


brilliant Stephen Colbert, snatched from Tumblr

Oreos, really? Low blow, dudes…


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