danish happiness

Denmark’s back on top of the World Happiness Report. Despite my academic reservations towards this work, after having spend the last week among the Danes I kinda get what they mean. Never had I seen more laid-back content-looking people than those strolling the streets of Copenhagen or lounging under the sun by the Limfjord in Aalborg. There’s a general feelgoodness to being in Denmark and not even the intensive classes of the course in Aalborg, the constant wind and the occasional dampness could tamper it for me. In addition, the bread is delicious and food is a respected and well developed cause. (As a rule, I always esteem a people who esteems good food.) And, my goodness, Danish design… maybe I’m almost 30 and, yeah that’s definitely it, but I’m also in love with houses like Normann. Finally, the men are athletic and well groomed and the women have this upscale comfy style and so many times I forgot when I was saying because my eyes kept getting caught in someone way too attractive. I mean, seriously, have you ever sat down for 5 minutes inside a Joe & The Juice? So, yeah, I liked Denmark.

Here’s some photos of two days well spent in Copenhagen.

IMG_4732 IMG_4716 IMG_4689 IMG_4645 IMG_4630 IMG_4619 IMG_4618 IMG_4609 IMG_4582