To upgrade or not to upgrade?


I’m thrilled with my new working station: this fast and compact (and red) Dell laptop running (or rather flying) on Windows 7 and the huuuge flat screen that came with it. No, it’s not a Mac but I won’t complain. Except for one thing, which is killing me: not having Papers.

menu bar apps

Lightweight functional little craps that I enjoy to have installed. These are the ones that start-up when I login.

Himmelbar: app toolbar, saves up Dock space still keeping my second line of programs at hand.
Clip Menu: very straightforward clipboard manager, saves up typing time.
Meteorologist: I’m a weather geek. Don’t really like the forecasts but the little weather status display is cool. Tried a lot of these kind and this was a least bad one. It seems such a popular thing, shame no developer comes out with a (free) decent one.
Quick Translate: Google translate at instant access. Love it.
SimpleCap: customizable and fast screen captures. Love it even more.

(Then there’s Little Snitch’s network monitor showing up there too. Won’t say why I use it for in the first place…)


Tenho um MacBook Pro. Adoro-o, adoro o Leopard, funciona tudo lindamente. Excepto uma coisa: o Microsoft Office. Agora que ele crachou pela milionésima vez e me levou precioso tempo de trabalho, acho que vou mudar-me para o iWork.